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Load your entire assortment in a "beep"

Reach the widest possible audience with just one click. Scan your entire offer with the Sentric app for stores.  

Digitizing your store has never been easier and faster.
Test the effectiveness of Sentric.

How does Sentric work?


Scan all barcodes in your inventory

Directly via the barcode reader integrated in the Sentric app, you scan the barcode on the  your products,  you instantly find all its information and can save it to your product listing on Sentric.


Sign up for Sentric to get started

Membership is free and allows you to try out all of Sentric's features.

To create your shop account  it only takes a few moments and you can configure it directly from your phone.


List the main brands

Provide the list of the main brands of the products you sell in the store to check their availability. If a brand is not available, our team will take care of recovering the data and making it available to you in a short time.


Export the products

Once you have created your entire product listing on Sentric, you can export all the data in the right format ready  to be imported into your e-commerce.

We support all major platforms, check yours with our team.

The fastest and easiest app to carry your articles online

Wherever you want to manage or use the products you sell in your store,  you need images and descriptions to identify them and make them visible to people on Google, on your e-commerce or in your management system.

Through  Sentric software doing this becomes easy, fast and automated.

Sentric has the best images of  your products ready to be used

Would you like to have images of your products at your disposal without having to take a single picture?

It's possible! With Sentric the images of your articles are not a problem, in fact you can find  quickly thousands of contents ready to be used wherever you want.

Are you really sure that whoever searches for your products on Google will find your shop? 

Google helps shop owners like you to show  their products to the people who seek them, but  if you are not connected correctly no one will find you!


Start using Sentric and your products will automatically be visible on  Google so when people search for them they will find your shop and you can attract new customers.

Update your ERP with product images and descriptions

No more wrong or incomplete product data on your management system. It's time for a change!
Uses Sentric and finally you will have correct and complete data on yours  management without having to change anything in the way you work.

And if you already sell online, no problem!  In an instant you will be able to show photos and descriptions of your products to the customers of your e-commerce.

Find the product sheets you've always been looking for

The product sheets contain all the information of your articles and are ready to be used on any platform.


You could find:

Manufacturer Barcode, Product Title, Description, Pictures, Price

Category, Manufacturer's brand, Variants (sizes, colors, measurements, etc.), List of technical specifications, SEO data.

Try Sentric for free

Try Sentric for free and discover all the services and benefits you need to start, manage and grow your business  commercial.

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Calculate the cost of your subscription

Select how many barcodes you want to find

About us


"If I run a shop by myself, I wouldn't have the time to do my best  of my e-commerce, the team is very helpful in this "

Marchetti Sport

"Sentric has improved our business by digitizing all of our products and making them more visible to customers"

Jolly '65

"Now customers know us not only through our physical store, but also through a virtual showcase"

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