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Data collection

We group all the data that represent your products: name, description, images, price, barcode and any other useful information to enhance them.

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Data processing

We standardize your inventory information with the aim of to make it usable in a simple and organized way.

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Data distribution

Your digitized inventory is now available to your customers: inserting your product data sheets on e-commerce or management will be a clear and automatic process for them.

How does Sentric work for business?

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Do like hundreds of other brands, i shops physicists are waiting te.

Every day thousands of new product sheets are managed and shared between manufacturers and retailers, simplifying work and increasing sales opportunities. 

Sentric is a system that centralizes and standardizes physical product information on a single database, easily usable by your customers through an app optimized for their needs.

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Don't underestimate the importance of the quality of your product information presented online by your retailers

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Get the added value of data sharing between your company and your network of physical stores and retailers, without any additional effort or cost for you.

What benefits do you get?

More sales

Sentric caters to a great many  small to medium-sized businesses. By digitizing your products with us, your local retailers distributed throughout Italy will be able to find the information of your products already digitized and therefore be attracted to buy from you.

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Make a good impression on your dealers

Allow your customers to effortlessly have accurate and truthful information about your products that fully represent the value of your brand online.

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We specialize in data collection and organization. Together with us, it will never be a problem for you to effectively manage large quantities of product information.

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Truthfulness of information

The technology we use automatically helps ensure the dissemination of correct and truthful information about the products your company produces and their ownership.

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More sales opportunities

By digitizing your products with us, your resellers and hundreds of other medium-small businesses will more easily find the digital information of your products and they will therefore be more attracted to buy from you.

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Would you deliver a product without a label?

Then stop delivering it without its digital card.

Work with us now.

Valorizziamo il tessuto sociale ed economico delle nostre città, aiutando il commercio di prossimità ad essere_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_more visible online.

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Effectively share product sheets with your resellers

Automate the management of images and descriptions of your products between your company and your retail stores to increase sales opportunities.

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